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IT audit and consulting

An IT audit makes it possible to highlight the strengths but above all the weaknesses of your IT system. From this audit, we draw up a list of recommendations to put in place, in order to make your information system more reliable and adapt it as best as possible to your needs.

Installation and integration

Whether it's the installation of a stand-alone computer, or a complex network with heterogeneous servers and clients, we bring you solutions that meet your needs. After an in-depth study of your installations, we offer you solutions that can be integrated into your information system in order to meet your objectives.

Computer maintenance

In order to offer the users of your company, assistance in the use of their IT tools and to ensure rapid troubleshooting in the event of a breakdown, we offer you economical and adapted offers, in order to obtain a professional service with a controlled cost.

Computer troubleshooting

Computer systems are not infallible, in the event of problems during use or breakdowns, we offer you rapid repairs to allow your business to regain its optimal level of operation.

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